When Using Klonopin Becomes a Habit

When Using Klonopin Becomes a Habit

Many patients who use prescription drugs don’t consider the fact that they can be habit forming. While some users do intentionally abuse their prescriptions, many simply use them as their doctor orders. Klonopin is a trade name for the drug Clonazepam which is used to treat the symptoms of seizure and panic disorders. Klonopin belongs to a group of drugs called benzodiazepines which balances out the chemical levels in your brain, in this case, the chemicals that cause anxiety. Because Klonopin is a prescription drug and is used to treat a disorder that is ongoing, some patients may be instructed to take it daily or regularly every few days. This can make it easy to make Klonopin into a habit rather than a necessity.

Has Klonopin Use Become a Habit Rather Than a Necessity?

Klonopin attempts to balance uneven amounts of chemicals in the brain, and it is marketed to decrease anxiety. A patient may become convinced that if he or she stops using Klonopin, anxiety will increase and become unmanageable. This fear often leads to patients taking Klonopin for longer than they should. This is not a conscious thought on the part of the user, as he or she may not realize that the medication is no longer necessary.

Addiction can occur, if a patient becomes tolerant to a low dose of Klonopin. He or she may begin to take increased doses in order to continue feeling the drug’s effects. This begins a cycle leading to addiction. A good sign that Klonopin use may have become a habit rather than a necessity is the amount that you think about obtaining it. If you find yourself worrying about what you will do when your prescription runs out, or if you are consistently wondering if your doctor will refill your Klonopin prescription, talk to a medical or recovery professional.

If you believe that you may be addicted to your prescription Klonopin, stay on your current dosage until you speak to a professional. Cutting yourself off from the drug cold turkey could result in severe withdrawal symptoms. Talk to your doctor or a recovery helpline counselor and decide what action you wish to take together.

End the Habit of Klonopin Use

If you think that you may be experiencing the beginnings of a Klonopin addiction, call our toll-free helpline today. We can assess if you are addicted to Klonopin, or we can any questions that you may have about addiction and recovery related topics. We are here to help 24 hours a day. Call us today.