Klonopin Addiction and Malnutrition

Klonopin Addiction and Malnutrition

A Klonopin addiction creates mental and physical barriers in a person’s relationship with food. Health complications and the mental, emotional and social problems that accompany substance abuse will make overcoming addiction and malnutrition impossible without proper medical and psychological help.

Eating Disorders Caused by Klonopin Addiction

Eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia or binge eating are mental health issues that may develop as a result of Klonopin use. Both an eating disorder and an addiction activate the reward center of the brain. Eating disorders are types of behavioral conditioning that are difficult to break away from without proper treatment. An eating disorder may begin with skipping a meal or two, until skipping meals becomes a frequent occurrence. When an addiction is involved, addicts feel that they always have an excuse to spend less time eating and more time using another rewarding substance.

Eating Habits Are Affected by Klonopin Abuse

You can still be unhealthy, even if you are not suffering from an eating disorder. Malnutrition can happen to those who eat regularly. If there is not an eating disorder involved, malnutrition is a quality rather than a quantity issue. Healthy food may be less important to addicts, or financial difficulties may prevent addicts from getting the nutritious food they need. Quality food may not be available to addicts who are spending money on Klonopin and neglecting more important needs.

Health Complications Caused by Klonopin Addiction

Malnutrition is not the only negative physical effect that Klonopin abuse can have on the body. Long-term side effects of Klonopin abuse include damage to your cardiovascular system, central nervous system and liver. Mental health issues such as depression may develop as well. Injury or illness may result from indirect causes related to Klonopin abuse such as car accidents.

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