Klonopin Abuse Help for College Students

Klonopin Abuse Help for College Students

College can be the best and worst time in a young person’s life. Students learn to balance independence with responsibility, and this freedom can provide satisfaction and a feeling of adulthood, it is also a challenge. Students cope with this freedom and pressure differently, and they don’t always choose a healthy way to do so. Some students turn to prescription drugs like Klonopin.

Why Do College Students Use Klonopin?

The two major types of prescription drugs used and abused in colleges throughout the United States are attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medications like Adderall or Ritalin and antianxiety drugs such as Klonopin. During college a student deals with changes and new stressors such as the following:

  • New friends
  • Roommates
  • Alternative ways of thinking
  • Financial worries
  • Academic pressure

Klonopin triggers certain chemicals in the brain to make a person feel more stable and calm in potentially stressful situations. It can seem like an easy solution for college students struggling to adjust or fit in. Klonopin is prescribed as a short-term anxiety reducer, but many users and abusers ignore the “short-term” aspect. After relying on Klonopin’s calming effects for longer than prescribed, students will begin to psychologically feel that they need the drug to function. This dependence on Klonopin to manage everyday life will lead to addiction.

How College Students Can Break Free from Klonopin

Many Klonopin users will believe that they require Klonopin to survive their day. This psychological addiction is difficult to break free from and almost impossible to overcome alone. The first step to reclaiming your life from the control of any prescription drug is to reach out for help. You can ask for help from trusted individuals such as the following:

  • A close friend
  • A family member
  • A counselor or mentor
  • A professor
  • A recovery helpline
  • A rehabilitation center

While the initial call may seem intimidating, you will be surprised how understanding and supportive people are. They realize that college is a difficult time and that addiction is a disease, and they will want to help you find a full and lasting recovery.

Make the Call to End Klonopin Abuse and Addiction

If you are a college student looking for solutions to problems with Klonopin, we can help. Our safe and confidential recovery helpline is available 24 hours to provide you with the Klonopin treatment you deserve. All calls are free, and we are here to help. Klonopin addiction is not a life sentence. Break the cycle of Klonopin abuse by calling today.