Isolation and Klonopin Abuse

Isolation and Klonopin Abuse

Most addictive behaviors fall outside the range of the normal everyday activities of most people. This means that addiction to drugs like Klonopin will increasingly drive the user beyond social groups, regular activities and normal relationships. Obsessive behaviors including eating disorders, alcoholism and drug abuse contribute to isolation. The use of a drug like Klonopin is sometimes initiated in legitimate prescriptions for persons who already have isolation issues resulting from panic or anxiety disorders. Addiction and isolation are interrelated, and each makes the other worse and complicates recovery.

Negative Health Effects of Isolation

Social isolation is an indicator of poor health. Isolation can have the following negative physical effects:

  • Shortened life span
  • Obesity
  • Weakened immune system

Engagement with friends, family and groups of people fosters basic levels of contentment, connection and support. Regular social engagement is a sign of emotional and physical health.

Causes of Klonopin Abuse and Isolation

Klonopin addiction means that the user will be increasingly isolated. While under the influence of Klonopin the user will behave in ways not conducive to normal relationships. The user will be too “buzzed” or “stoned” to function in normal conversation, and friends and family will increasingly feel uncomfortable in his or her presence. Abuse of Klonopin is illegal, and the user will feel it necessary to hide the habit. Obtaining and hiding the stash of pills will require secrecy and deception which will naturally lead to increased suspicion and distance from others.

Isolation and Klonopin abuse work together to create a negative downward cycle. The more Klonopin is used the more the user will isolate him or herself. The more isolated an user feels, the more the individual with turn to Klonopin for temporary psychological relief from feelings of loneliness.

Choose a Supportive Community to Help Overcome Isolation and Klonopin Abuse

When using and abusing Klonopin to cope with mental health concerns or using Klonopin recreationally you face an increased risk of social isolation and all related physical and psychological problems. You can rejoin supportive groups and reestablish healthy relationships by facing your addiction and getting help. By taking the courageous step to seek help and begin rehab you will find an immediate support group who will walk with you every step of your journey to wholeness and health.

Begin Isolation and Klonopin Abuse Recovery Today

Call our toll-free helpline to talk with a caring counselor who can answer your questions and help you move out of the loneliness and isolation of drug addiction. We can provide support and information, as you learn about the next steps in recovery. We are here for you 24 hours a day, so there is no wrong time to reach out and call.