Is Klonopin Addiction a Crime?

Is Klonopin Addiction a Crime?

Klonopin addiction is one of the most common addictions in the country. The drug’s potential for becoming so addictive lies in the chemical make-up of this benzodiazepine. The user not only becomes physically dependent, but mentally dependent as well. Klonopin addiction can lead to many consequences, including criminal charges pertaining to the actions surrounding the drug use. This does not make the addiction itself a crime, but the actions that it can cause can be criminal.

How Klonopin Addiction Causes Crime

Klonopin users may have to resort to illegal methods in order to get their hands on the drug. Many times this includes stealing from people who are strangers or even family members. The need to use becomes so strong that taking the medication from someone else seems to be a valid option for the user. Taking controlled substances from others without their knowledge is a crime. The user is not only stealing, but also possibly breaking into homes where the medication is located.

While not all Klonopin users are dealers, some are. Dealing drugs is illegal and can land a dealer in jail. Charges can add up quickly as each drug offense works against the dealer, such as intent to distribute, distributing and intent to ship drugs. Also, those who seek their drugs through dealers face similar risks since obtaining Klonopin from someone other than a doctor and without a prescription is illegal.

In addition to illegal means of obtaining the drug, users may also exhibit illegal behavior as a direct consequence of using Klonopin. Being under the influence of any drug allows for irrational behavior, and the same goes for Klonopin. As Klonopin enters the system, users can become irrational, sedated and confused. They may face criminal charges due to their lack of control over their behavior, which can result in driving while sedated, causing public arguments and breaking into homes for drugs.

While Klonopin addiction is not considered a crime, but rather a disease, the actions and reactions of Klonopin addicts can yield serious criminal consequences. As inhibitions become lower and the need for Klonopin becomes stronger, users can quickly find themselves doing things they never thought they would ever do, putting them at risk for facing jail time or other legal consequences.

Klonopin Addiction Help

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