Is It Possible to Be a Functional Klonopin User?

Is It Possible to Be a Functional Klonopin User?

The term functional user is used fairly often, but the idea that someone can abuse Klonopin even on occasion and maintain their full capacity is a myth. Klonopin is a powerful drug, and abusing it hinders your performance in all areas of your life. Klonopin holds you back no matter how rarely you use. The more you take Klonopin, the more likely you are to become addicted, and, even if you think you can hide your addiction, it will damage several areas of your life.

Using Klonopin Secretly

When people begin using Klonopin, it often begins as a secret. Klonopin may be used to self-medicate or to relieve stress, but Klonopin abuse will begin creeping into other areas of your life. If you have ever abused Klonopin and then failed to meet expectations, you have been limited by your drug use. These expectations can be work related, family related or related to any activity you enjoy or personal responsibility you pride yourself on maintaining. Klonopin use causes users to fail to meet expectations, and as time goes on it will get harder and harder to perform daily activities.

Treatment for Hidden Klonopin Addiction

If you have been hiding your Klonopin addiction, treatment is available that will help you address any issues your drug use has created. High quality rehab programs are an effective option for lasting recovery. Many people that hide their Klonopin addiction do so to protect their job and their image. Both of these aspects of life will be challenged, if professional help to end Klonopin use is not found. Quality rehab programs will offer you the comforts you are used to and will give you the space you need to fully examine and expunge your drug using habits. Rehab will address the lingering effects of Klonopin addiction and will prepare you to continue your life without Klonopin.

Receive Treatment for Klonopin Addiction

You have the power to face your Klonopin addiction and to move forward with your life. Pick up the phone and talk to our recovery counselors about your concerns, and learn about your options. We are here 24 hours a day, so there is never a wrong time to call.