I Am Addicted to Klonopin, and I Need Help

I Am Addicted to Klonopin, and I Need Help

Many drug addicts avoid professional help for addiction because they are embarrassed about their inability to stop using on their own. This is largely due to a dangerous misconception that drug addiction can be conquered through willpower. Many people believe that relapse occurs when a user has no self-control or is too weak to resist cravings, but not only is this statement a lie, but it also causes unfounded feelings of embarrassment and guilt for many addicts. You can no more cure an addiction with willpower than you can heal a virus by wishing it away.

How Klonopin Addiction Works

The truth of the matter is that addiction is not a character flaw, but an illness. Drug addiction permanently changes the way that the brain functions: the brain of a Klonopin addict has been rewired to think it must have the drug to survive. Because of this, users experience intense cravings and feel compelled to use whether he wants to or not. If this is the case for you, you will need professional help to combat your addiction and to start recovery. Luckily, professional help is available from many sources.

Klonopin Addiction Rehabilitation Help

Rehab is a vital part of the recovery process. Without attending a drug rehab program your chances of attaining life-long sobriety are slim. If you do not know what happens in rehab, call some rehab facilities and ask questions. Rehab professionals will be happy to speak with you, explain how each rehab program operates and tell you what to expect should you enroll. However, before you sign up for treatment find out what rehab program suits you best. You will need medically supervised detox and sessions with a counselor, but do you also need family counseling or a religious focus? These questions as well as any personal questions you may have can greatly influence your success in rehab.

Additionally, addiction helplines are also informative about addiction and treatment. If you are unsure about what to do about treatment, the professional at an addiction helpline can help you make an educated decision about a treatment option that is best for you. Typically, they are run by addiction counselors who are available 24 hours a day.

Who Can Help with Klonopin Addiction Recovery?

Since Klonopin is used to treat anxiety and seizure disorders, do not tamper with your dosage, as doing so can cause extreme anxiety or violent seizures. Therefore, consult a doctor before changing your dosage in any way. Talk to her, admit that you have a problem with addiction and tell her how much you take each day. This information will enable your doctor to wean you safely off of the medicine with minimal adverse side effects.

Klonopin Addiction Help

If you need more information about Klonopin recovery and addiction, we can help you. Call our toll-free helpline today. Our addiction counselors are standing by 24 hours a day. Don’t try to break your addiction by yourself. We can give you the support that you need to begin a successful recovery. Don’t waste more time trying to do this alone.