How Much Should I Tell My Kids about My Klonopin Addiction?

How Much Should I Tell My Kids about My Klonopin Addiction?

Though it isn’t an easy conversation to have, talking to your child about your drug addiction is essential. Many parents think that they can use drugs like Klonopin without their children realizing or suffering any consequences. This is never the case. Though a child may not realize that drug use is the cause, he or she will be able to sense changes in your behavior as well as negative changes in the environment. By not addressing the source of these changes you can cause emotional and psychological damage to your children.

Negative Impact of Klonopin Abuse on Children

Ignoring Klonopin use isn’t glossing over a difficult issue, it is allowing larger problems to surface. Children whose parents are drug addicts experience a number of negative side effects which can include the following:

  • Insecurity
  • Trouble making friends
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Fear that their parent will die or become ill

If your drug abuse has led you to injure or abuse your children, they might also suffer from PTSD or other trauma-related issues.

How Much Should You Tell Your Child about Klonopin?

There is no set formula for telling your child about your addiction. Children are able to process different amounts of information at different ages. What might be too little information for a teenager could completely overwhelm a seven year old. However the idea behind your discussion should be the same regardless of how old your children are. In talking to them you are conveying that your drug use is not their fault and that they have not caused your addiction. If a child is older consider telling him or her how you became addicted. Was it a gradual process? What caused you to abuse Klonopin? By telling your child how you became addicted you could reduce his or her risk of drug abuse as an adult.

Assure your children that your behavior will change and seek help from an addiction recovery program. Explain rehab to your children. It is important that they know that, though you are going away for a time, you will return. Explain that while you are gone you will learn how to live without using Klonopin and will be able to be a better parent when you return. Once you enroll in a rehab program you can undergo family counseling with your children. This may include discussing your Klonopin addiction with a counselor who can help you explain your addiction to your children. You may not know what your children need to hear, but your counselor does. This can also give your son or daughter a chance to voice how your addiction has affected them.

Help with Klonopin Addiction

You do not have to tackle this important conversation alone. Call our toll-free helpline to learn more about talking to your kids about addiction and about getting addiction help for yourself and your family. Call us today and let us help you.