How Long Does Klonopin Rehab Last?

How Long Does Klonopin Rehab Last?

Klonopin is the popular prescription brand name for a substance known as clonazepam. Its primary use in the world of medicine is for its anticonvulsant and muscle-relaxant qualities. Klonopin works by stimulating benzodiazepine receptors in the brain. This ultimately leads to a general depression of the central nervous system. This makes the drug effective for the some forms of epilepsy and certain types of seizures.

As is usually the case with effective prescription medications, Klonopin has gained popularity in recent years with recreational drug users. When taken in chronic doses, Klonopin can provide feelings of escape and a general feeling of relaxation and euphoria. An overdose, however, can produce potentially fatal respiratory depression and permanent damage to vital organs.

Klonopin Addiction and Rehabilitation

Addictions to Klonopin are usually the result of the fulfillment of a legitimate prescription or stem from recreational drug use. In either scenario, the body begins to develop a tolerance to the drug at a rapid rate after heavy or frequent doses. This means that the longer a person uses Klonopin, the less effective the drug will become. Many users simply take more and more medication to produce the desired effect, often leading to dependence. Dependency often preludes addiction, which is when someone believes that she needs regular doses to maintain normalcy.

Healing from Klonopin addiction is a lifelong process. However, rehab can be initially carried out in a relatively short period of time in either a residential or outpatient facility. Residential treatment will give you the opportunity to live among others who are dealing with a similar addiction. Additionally, residential rehab allows you to take advantage of around the clock care by qualified medical professionals. For some, outpatient rehab is beneficial in the ways that it allows them to receive quality treatment while maintaining responsibilities at home or at work. Usually inpatient rehab is most successful when patients attend it for at least a couple months, followed up by attending outpatient aftercare.

Need Help Finding Resources for Klonopin Rehabilitation?

If you or someone you care about is dealing with an addiction to prescription Klonopin, we can help. We are available 24 hours a day to help you find the resources you need and provide you with quality options for rehab. The call is toll free and confidential. Please call us today.