How Klonopin Addiction Affects the Brain

How Klonopin Addiction Affects the Brain

Klonopin abuse and addiction will have negative effects in all areas of your life. Brain damage is one of the most immediate and long-reaching effects of Klonopin addiction. As soon as you begin abusing Klonopin, you alter the chemistry of your brain. This leads to consequences like slower reaction speeds and bad decision making. The more you abuse Klonopin the greater the impact on the health of you and your brain. Once you become addicted to Klonopin, your brain has trouble functioning without the drug, and you will experience withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop taking the drug. Klonopin addiction holds you back and can lead to many physical and psychological problems. The only way to end Klonopin addiction is to stop abusing the drug by getting help now.

Immediate Effects of Klonopin on the Brain

Abusing Klonopin leads to a clouding of your reasoning. When you abuse Klonopin, you don’t think logically. You become more likely to take part in risky behavior, abuse other drugs or drive while under the influence. Many Klonopin users find they sometimes can’t remember what happened when they were on Klonopin. This “blacking out” could lead you to you saying or doing things you’d never do without Klonopin.

Severe Effects of Klonopin Addiction

The most immediate and most severe effect of Klonopin abuse is the threat of overdose. Every time you abuse Klonopin you are putting yourself at risk of lethal overdose. All it takes is one overdose to end your life. You may have already had Klonopin overdose scares and know how bad it feels to come close to overdosing or death. Overdose is not the only severe effect of Klonopin addiction, however. Abusing Klonopin causes your brain chemistry to change. As your brain becomes used to the presence of Klonopin, you begin experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, vomiting or sweating when you don’t have the drug in your system. This drives you to abuse Klonopin more which strengthens the drug’s hold over you.

Klonopin Addiction Treatment

If you are suffering from Klonopin addiction, you need to seek treatment now. Our toll-free helpline is a great place for you to learn more about Klonopin addiction treatment and to talk to someone about your options. We want to help you find an effective treatment plan, and we can help you determine if insurance will cover the cost of your desired program. We are open 24 hours a day, so pick up the phone and start getting the help you need today.