Fear of Missing Out If Not Using Klonopin

Fear of Missing Out If Not Using Klonopin

People who take Klonopin outside of a doctor’s prescription often use it to reduce anxiety and to “fit in” in social situations. Klonopin can create a relaxed impression of “coolness” and of feeling at peace, but these feelings are temporary and come at a great cost. Klonopin is addictive and destructive to your physical and mental health.

The Social Aspects of Klonopin Abuse

Klonopin addiction has a strong social aspect. People want to fit in, and using a drug like Klonopin may seem to be the answer or may seem to provide an individual with “friends” and a good feeling. There are many healthy ways to feel that you belong to a group from engaging in shared activities to joining book clubs, a church or a service group. Happiness and contentment correlate strongly to the number and quality of social relationships. Klonopin abuse does not create real relationships. The shared bond of getting high is not rooted in reality, as it is a temporary result of changes to the chemicals in your brain.

What Are You Missing without Klonopin?

Most drug use leads to being disconnected from reality. Drug abuse distorts perception. A person high on a drug like Klonopin may feel good in the moment, but he or she is narrowing the experience of life to a set of artificial feelings associated with being high. A person stuck with a drug habit will rarely have the sort of full and rich experiences that someone who is sober can have. The sober person can hold extended conversations and maintain friendships based on a wide range of experiences. The sober person is not limited to talking about Klonopin as a way to experience life. A sober person has natural highs that result from good work, good friendships, physical activity, significant travel and meaningful experiences. You are not missing out if you are living a drug-free life. Klonopin addiction leaves you with fewer personal resources, fewer friends, less money, less time and a narrowed view of what it means to have a good time.

Don’t Miss out on a Drug-Free Life

If you or a loved one is struggling with Klonopin abuse, call our toll-free helpline to find out how you can get back on track.