Did I Ruin My Recovery from Klonopin Addiction By Relapsing?

Did I Ruin My Recovery from Klonopin Addiction By Relapsing?

There is no doubt that relapse is a setback; but, that doesn’t mean that you’re recovery from Klonopin addiction is ruined. Relapse is common for recovering addicts, so they are encouraged to see relapse as an opportunity to refocus on the principles of recovery. The reasons for a relapse can vary, from a time of increased stress to untreated withdrawal symptoms or simply a moment of weakness. But, regardless of why you’ve experienced a relapse, you can get back on track.

What to Do after Klonopin Relapse

If your recovery from Klonopin addiction has been temporarily interrupted by a relapse, don’t lose hope. Relapse doesn’t have to mean the end of recovery. Depending on your situation, you might need to return to a rehab or attend programs at an outpatient facility. Such programs can give you the opportunity to return to the principles of recovery and even learn new skills to avoid relapse in the future. It’s important to know that there is no shame in returning for more treatment. Recovery is a lifelong effort and seeking further treatment after a relapse only means that you haven’t given up.

How to Prevent Klonopin Relapse

One of the best ways to prevent relapse in the future is to identify risk factors such circumstances, places and people that could lead you to return to Klonopin use. One way to do this is to meet with a counselor or therapist who can assist you in identifying these risks. Another vital way to prevent relapse is honesty. Be honest with yourself, your family and especially doctors who can inadvertently encourage relapse through prescription medications. Being upfront about your past will help you keep addiction out of your future.

Remember, relapse doesn’t mean you’ve failed in your recovery from Klonopin addiction. While it is a setback, it might also be the wake-up call you’ve needed, a reminder that Klonopin addiction recovery is a lifelong process. Relapse may have knocked you down, but you can get up again.

Help for Klonopin Relapse

If you’ve experienced a relapse during your recovery from Klonopin addiction, we can help. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline today to speak with a trained addiction counselor. We can help you understand what a relapse means for your recovery and how to get back on track again. A relapse doesn’t mean your recovery from Klonopin addiction is ruined. Don’t give up, call today.