Dangers of Combining Marijuana and Klonopin

Dangers of Combining Marijuana and Klonopin

Marijuana and Klonopin are both dangerous drugs on their own, but when combined their effects can cause even greater hazards. Marijuana is best known for causing delayed reactions in users, which can lead to poor decision making. Klonopin can cause users to overdose, leading to death. Klonopin also results in drowsiness, slowed reactions and slowed breathing. Combining marijuana with other drugs, such as Klonopin, puts you at risk for severe dangers that could be avoided otherwise. If you have combined marijuana with Klonopin, stop doing so immediately and get help before it results in major consequences.

How Marijuana and Klonopin Lower Inhibitions

When you combine marijuana and Klonopin, you may feel at ease, which is why many users enjoy combining the two drugs. However, this feeling of relaxation and being carefree can lead to some bad choices. Users may decide to drive or take part in other dangerous activities they are unfit to take part in when they are under the influence of either drug, let alone both. Other risks users may take part in while under the influence of marijuana and Klonopin include going to work while intoxicated, engaging in conflicts, having unprotected sex and abusing other drugs along with marijuana and Klonopin. The lack of clear thinking may lead people to abuse more drugs than is safe, resulting in a dangerous overdose.

Reduced Awareness from Klonopin and Marijuana Abuse

Abusing marijuana and Klonopin will result in a lowered state of consciousness, meaning you may become less aware of your surroundings and environment. Using marijuana and Klonopin together is dangerous and the risks of decreased awareness may include date rape, becoming a victim of robbery and being arrested for being intoxicated in public. Users may suffer from blackouts and come back to consciousness hours later not knowing what has occurred while they were under the influence of a drug cocktail.

Stop Abusing Klonopin and Marijuana

If you abuse Klonopin and marijuana, you are causing unnecessary danger for yourself. Stop using marijuana and Klonopin today by getting help for addiction to multiple drugs. We are standing by to speak with you at our toll-free helpline, and we can give you up-to-date information on how to treat your addiction. If you wish we can tell you if your health insurance will cover any rehab costs. You can call us 24 hours a day, and we will always be here to help you with your addiction. Call us now so you can finally get the help you need.