3 Common Fears about Klonopin Recovery

3 Common Fears about Klonopin Recovery

Some fears about Klonopin addiction treatment are serious enough to prevent an individual from getting the Klonopin recovery help he or she needs. These fears are unfounded, however, and understanding more about addiction and recovery can make rehab a less intimidating concept.

I’m Afraid of Klonopin Detoxification and Withdrawal Symptoms

If you have tried to stop using Klonopin before or have attempted Klonopin detox, you may have also experienced withdrawal symptoms. Even if you haven’t experienced these symptoms, you may have heard stories about the pain related to ending Klonopin use. You may have heard about the following withdrawal symptoms:

  • Seizures
  • Severe anxiety
  • Painful cravings
  • Panic attacks
  • Chronic depression

While these symptoms are real, they are also avoidable. At a rehab facility medical professionals can carefully monitor your dosage and gradually decrease the amount of Klonopin you receive. If it is determined that ending use abruptly is the best recovery path, doctors and nurses will be available to monitor your health and safety and alleviate the worst withdrawal symptoms.

I’m Afraid of Dealing with Judgment about Klonopin Addiction

All too often addicts wait until they hit rock bottom to find help. One of the biggest reasons Klonopin addiction is left to progress is a fear of being judged. You may feel that opening up about a secret addiction will result in hurtful opinions or judgments from your loved ones or peers. Feelings of guilt and shame for letting yourself be controlled by Klonopin can also hinder honesty about addiction.

In rehab you will be surrounded by people who genuinely care about your recovery and want nothing but your full healing. Many rehab facilities have programs that incorporate loved ones into treatment. Treatment options like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and private one-on-one therapy will teach you how to deal with the emotions that have kept you from treatment and hurt personal relationships. In Klonopin rehab you can overcome judgment and begin to heal.

I’m Afraid of Constant Cravings during Klonopin Addiction Recovery

You may be worried that even after primary treatment in a rehab facility you will constantly have to fight Klonopin cravings for the rest of your life. You may have images of yourself having to concentrate to resist Klonopin while shopping for groceries or battle the urge to start reusing when you get up for a glass of water at night. This picture is not accurate. While cravings are a very real part of Klonopin recovery, there are equally real tools you will learn in rehab that will help you deal with temptations to relapse. There are guidelines that will help you overcome cravings and push them into the background of your life, and, as you continue in your recovery journey, managing cravings will only get easier. You can be free of Klonopin cravings. Your life does not have to revolve around an addiction any longer.

Find Klonopin Addiction Recovery Help

Don’t wait or let your fears keep you from getting the help you deserve. Call our toll-free helpline to leran more about your options for rehab and recovery. Feel free to call any time, as we are available 24 hours a day. When you call, please ask about how your insurance may be able to cover part or all of your recovery costs. You can overcome Klonopin addiction. Call today.